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The steadily growing international exchange of goods requires creative and innovative companies offering a wide range of services. Intermont offers you transport from the place of production to anywhere in the world including loading, packing, storage, customs clearance etc. on land and sea and in the air – inexpensively, flexibly, reliably and fast.

We offer a complete service for manufacturers of capital goods including:

·         disassembly/reassembly worldwide

·         loading, unloading, weighing and measuring of large components

·         preparation of supporting structures/loading aids etc:

·         preparation of supporting structures/loading aids etc

·         special road haulage in combination with sea/rail/air freight 

Our technical department and specialists with many years’ experience can master any technical problem. Our CAD support enables us to plan and visualise loading and movement processes to scale BEFORE shipment takes places, thus minimising problems on the ground.

Patented devices specially developed by us for assembly and shipment fast and cost-effective processing. Our special lifting gear, operated using the modular system, can move and lift loads of up to 1,000 tons to a height of 15 metres.

Our special heavy transport transformer bridges mean that we can carry transformers and self-supporting loads of up to 350 t and, where required, to lift them over obstacles. Our self-propelled units can transport huge industrial parts from place to place.

It doesn’t always have to be loads in the hundreds of tons though – Intermont is the right port of call for whatever you want to move. Besides our usual haulage services, we also offer special transportation of cargoes with low excess lengths or devices requiring individual handling. Our sloping loaders can transport oversized sheet metal at short notice and without a lot of red tape.

Large, sensitive equipment can be transported with our widenable covered low-loaders and mega-trailers, perfectly protected against the weather. These special semitrailers can be driven onto ramps and, thanks to their sturdy construction, are able to bear high point loads with ease. The easily removable sides and the option of widening shorten and streamline loading processes considerably.

Our modern vehicles are equipped with the MAN telematics system enabling us to precisely locate them from head office. This technology and materials resource planning is able to react extremely flexibly to customer requirements and ensures flawless short-notice delivery to exactly the right place.

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